Fragrance of Himalayas Meditation - Nainital

If you have already completed ‘Peace & Clarity Meditation Online – L1‘, it is not needed to do this program separately, because same guided meditations are used here, however you get an opportunity to practice them in handpicked peaceful places close to mother nature which has a greater impact.

This program is for you, if you relate to this statement :

“I simply want a calm & peaceful mind to grow in my career and personal life. I would love to rejuvenate, dive within and connect with my inner strength.”


“I simply want to get the experience of Meditation retreat with family / at my own pace” 

Nature camping wherein you would attend Peace & Clarity Meditation Online – L1 in a ‘peaceful high energy place’ (without any meditation teacher)




Please note: There will be no instructor or teacher available for this program (only representatives of camp organizer Mighty Himalayas will be present). We will soon add more nature camps and eco friendly resorts which are best suited for a great meditation experience.

There are options of multiple locations in Uttarakhand and Himachal based on availability.

Special features:

✓ Authentic Himalayan Meditation Techniques of Advait Vedanta

✓Organic vegetarian food

✓Choose from options of :

1. Alphine/Dome Tent Accomodation Single occupancy with common shared washroom 

  • 03 Days 6500 Rs

4. Deluxe Tent on Single Occupancy with attached washroom  

  • 03 Days 7500 Rs

Hotel Overview

Private Deluxe Tent

You will have beautiful mountain-view Deluxe tent with attached washroom.


Private Alpine/Dome Tent
Alpine Tent
Alpine Tent

Alpine/Dome tent accommodation on single/twin sharing with common shared washroom.

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