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A powerful 7 step method to train your mind’s attention to stay calm and focused on the positive aspects of life. You will learn how to stay blissful all the time even if the situation around you is chaotic.


This workshop will be a pre-recorded workshop that you can follow at your own pace, so you can choose when best suits you to follow the program. You will also have access for 3 months so that you can repeat the sessions and continue to access the guided practices.

The 7 steps of Attention Training & Realignment Program are:

1. PCA : Presence centred anchoring

2. EPIC : Enquiry based Program for Intellectual Clarity

3. SMTDS : Subconscious mind training during sleep

4. SMTWA: Subconscious mind training while awake

5. BCAT : Being Centred Attention Training

6. MPS : Mental Pattern Shifting

7. AAIS : Attention Absorption in Inner Silence

This programme is for rational thinkers who want an experiential based approach, which does not require any belief or to take anything for granted. It is based on straightforward explanation of concepts followed by direct personal enquiry and experience.

The programme will teach you how to focus the mind on positive and important things and on being in the present, rather than on useless thinking or unpleasant thoughts, and you will learn how to live a happy life regardless of the situation.

Eventually, if you follow this programme properly, it may lead to realisation of the true self or your true potential through a powerful technique called self enquiry


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