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Attention Training & Realignment Program (ATR) online workshop
Welcome to the Attention Training & Realignment Program (ATR) online workshop. In this welcome audio we explain how the ATR program will teach you to shift the attention from the layers of mind to the sense of consciousness. By training the attention in this way you will experience relief from the constant mental chatter that most people experience, and you will learn how to stay happy by keeping the attention in stillness or in positive thought patterns.
Attention Training & Realignment Program (ATR) online workshop
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Closing and next steps


Congratulations on completing the Attention Training & Realignment program and taking these first steps towards inner transformation. We hope that the steps shared may transform your life.


In this audio we summarise how you can integrate the steps covered in the program into your daily life. Regular practice and integration of the approaches taught within this workshop is very important to help you to continue training the attention and to find stillness.


May you live a blissful life.