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Attention Training & Realignment Program (ATR) online workshop
Welcome to the Attention Training & Realignment Program (ATR) online workshop. In this welcome audio we explain how the ATR program will teach you to shift the attention from the layers of mind to the sense of consciousness. By training the attention in this way you will experience relief from the constant mental chatter that most people experience, and you will learn how to stay happy by keeping the attention in stillness or in positive thought patterns.
Attention Training & Realignment Program (ATR) online workshop
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This guided sleep practice will guide you into a state of deep rest and relaxation. Once you are deeply relaxed, a series of positive affirmations will play. These affirmations will help to train your subconscious mind to develop positive beliefs, and will work subliminally even if you have drifted into sleep before the affirmations start.


The practice is based on yoga nidra, which uses powerful relaxation techniques to bring deep rest to the mind and body, inducing a deep meditative state during which the subconscious mind becomes accessible.