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Attention Training & Realignment Program (ATR) online workshop
Welcome to the Attention Training & Realignment Program (ATR) online workshop. In this welcome audio we explain how the ATR program will teach you to shift the attention from the layers of mind to the sense of consciousness. By training the attention in this way you will experience relief from the constant mental chatter that most people experience, and you will learn how to stay happy by keeping the attention in stillness or in positive thought patterns.
Attention Training & Realignment Program (ATR) online workshop
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The guided practice for step 5 trains your attention to stay in the present by guiding you through a practice of keeping the awareness on different objects. 

Any object can be used as a support to stay present. In this practice, you will be guided to keep focus on various different objects of awareness, such as sounds, visuals, smells, body sensations, taste, thoughts, feelings and attention itself. Once you are familiar with this guided practice, you can use the techniques to stay present throughout the day in your daily activities.

Please keep a glass of water or a drink or snack to hand for the practice based on taste.