Go deeper – Guided meditation


Go deeper – A powerful Guided meditation | Self introspection / enquiry technique



We received requests from many people regarding a simple meditation program for those who are not able to attend our Himalayan meditation camp.

This can greatly help the listener, because if the listener is receptive enough, he/ she can experience the meditative vibes by simply listening to it.

We will be using simple mobile devices for recordings, hence please do not expect studio level sound quality.

If you are practicing Maha Rudra Kriya daily, this added method will make the experience more strong, but please maintain a gap of minimum 4 hours between Maha Rudra Kriya and this technique (or any other method you follow).

To get the maximum benefits, please listen to this guided meditation without any pre conceived notions, judgements, likes or dislikes.

Simply listen to it and go with the flow…