Law of attraction and manifestation


Law of attraction and manifestation: Audio Guide by Paroksh Yogi community. Original price Rs 501 Currently available in a limited time offer of Rs 108.


This audio guide is ‘only’ for those who have completed all 3 steps of our :

 Online Meditation Program.

You will only get the complete benefits of this audio guide, if you have already gone through our audio guide on ‘How to realize my true self’.

Most people have this misconception that law of attraction is about keep repeating their desires in mind.

Do you really think universe will allow anyone to amend it’s laws so easily?

If this would have been this easy, then all the desperate people with wrong intentions would have succeeded by now.

With this audio guide, you can solve the problems in your life or whatever is distracting you from the path of realising your true self.

“Creator of this universe is within you, do not underestimate yourself.”

– Shri Paroksh Yogi (A Himalayan Mystic)

To get the maximum benefits, please listen to this audio guide without any preconceived notions, judgments, likes or dislikes.

Simply listen to it and go with the flow..